It is important to check if your device has a T2 Chipset as newer Macs have implemented them to add extra layers of security. You will take different steps to process depending on whether a Mac has a T2 Security Chip or not.

RECON ITR images all Intel-based Macs including the newest generation of Macs with APFS and T2 Security Chips.

RECON ITR includes both Bootable and Live Imaging solutions to image all Intel Macs and their filesystems.

RECON ITR combines both the functions of bootable and live imaging from RECON TRIAGE and RECON IMAGER PRO into an integrated solution that automatically identifies, displays, and can image FileVault, APFS, and Core Storage volumes and disks at a cost well below any other tool. Twitter

Macs that Contain T2 Security Chips

Mac computers that have a T2 Security Chip:

  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro 2019
  • Mac Mini 2018
  • MacBook Air 2018+
  • MacBook Pro 2018+

Determining if a Mac Contains a T2 Security Chip on a Live System

If you’re not sure if your device has a T2 Security Chip, you can do the following:

Navigate through the Apple menu.

Apple menu > About This Mac > System Report… > Controller or iBridge

Under Controller Information, the Model Name lists if your device contains a T2 Security Chip.


Determining if a Mac Contains a T2 Security Chip Using Model or Serial Number

If the device is offline or turned off, you can verify if your device has a T2 Security Chip by using the device’s serial number or model number. These can be found on the underside of most models of Macbooks and iMacs. The serial number is in the form of a 12-digit alphanumeric code. The model number is an A followed by a 4-digit code.

Once you find the serial number or model number, you can:

  1. Use the Apple warranty lookup with the device’s serial number to determine which Mac device you have
  2. Use EveryMac’s Ultimate Mac Lookup. When you select your device, it will list under “Processor Details” if you have a T2 Security Chip

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