Eagle Suite Bundle


EAGLE BUNDLE is the new version of the first hardware and software complex capable to acquire and extract data from:
  • Fully working and unlocked devices
  • Locked and/or damaged smartphones and tablets (chip-off)
The suite is composed of hardware and software to read and extract data directly from the memory chips through chip-off
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  • USB readers require a low amount of current (LP = low power) to be safely used also on laptops pcs
  • The sockets avoid reballing operations decreasing the risk of chip damage (e.g. thermal shock)
  • All readers are Write blocked by default
  • Extractor software creates validated and complete image files (including unallocated areas)
  • Use of vendor specific commands to change the way the tool accesses the chip (decrease block size, deal with ECC, override minor controller failures or firmware issues and so on)
  • Real time monitor to check hex content while reading
  • Real time skipped sectors map to refine the copy or include it in the list for partial copy hashing (SHA and MD5)

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