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RECON LAB and RECON ITR Software Bundle



Get the leading macOS Imaging, Triaging, and Reporting solution bundled with SUMURI’s flagship forensic analysis suite!

This ultimate bundle includes RECON ITR, RECON LAB to give you everything that you need to image and triage a Mac as well as analyzing Windows, Google Takeout, iOS, Android, and more for way less than other forensic suites!




RECON LAB is SUMURI’s flagship forensic analysis suite designed from the ground up on macOS to utilize Mac’s power and give examiners access to an entirely new realm of data.

RECON LAB takes traditional computer forensics and revitalizes it to be more in line with 21st-century technologies through many unique and revolutionary features using native macOS libraries, sequential processing into both analysis and reporting, fully automated processing of many different operating systems, and much more.


RECON ITR is a one of a kind solution that acquires and processes Macs like no other tool on the market. This marvel of forensic innovation is built from the ground up on macOS using Mac’s full power instead of fighting against it.

RECON ITR requires no reverse engineering and is not ported from other operating systems, which means more data and more accurate results.

SUMURI has designed RECON ITR with the customer in mind, ensuring examiners have the most versatile tool available when changes occur to Apple hardware or Mac operating systems. RECON ITR accomplishes this and much more by including unique and revolutionary features while keeping the price significantly lower than competitors.

RECON ITR includes PALADIN PRO at no extra charge to support imaging and triage of macOS, Windows, and Linux.


PALADIN, SUMURI’s bootable Linux distribution, was created as an opportunity to give back to the forensics community.

PALADIN PRO is a preconfigured USB with 64-bit and 32-bit versions of PALADIN and PALADIN EDGE on a new USB drive that now features connections for both USB Type-A and C! This eliminates having to carry multiple disks and supports the widest variety of hardware.

PALADIN includes over 150 pre-compiled open-source tools and our PALADIN ToolBox. The PALADIN ToolBox features imaging, hashing, image conversion, selective logical imaging, imaging of unallocated space, and automatic write blocking.

PALADIN has been court-tested and is used by thousands of forensics examiners around the globe.

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