Last Date of Sale - June 30, 2018
End of Life - June 2021

RECON for Mac OS X was simply the fastest way to conduct Mac Forensics. It automated what an experienced examiner would need weeks to accomplish in minutes.

That was until we released RECON LAB and RECON TRIAGE which are the successors to RECON for macOS.

RECON LAB is SUMURI's Flagship Forensic Suite which allows for the automated analysis of Mac, iOS and Windows!  It also allows the examiner to perform manual analysis.  More information about RECON LAB can be found here.

RECON TRIAGE is RECON for macOS minus the ability to process a forensic image which can now be done with RECON LAB.  Removing the the ability to process forensic images allowed us to drop the price significantly!  More information about RECON TRIAGE can be found here.

We will continue to support RECON for macOS until every last license has expired.  Additionally, please contact us about extremely generous upgrade options if you are within warranty!