RECON for Mac OS X is simply the fastest way to conduct Mac Forensics. It automates what an experienced examiner would need weeks to accomplish in minutes.

PALADIN Included

RECON for Mac OS X now includes all current versions of PALADIN, which comes with a full featured Forensic Suite, bootable forensic imager, a software write-blocker and so much more.

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  • Software Write-Blocker, Imager and Full Forensic Suite included.
  • Advanced Timeline Analysis.
  • Process forensic images or live Macs.
  • Identify the origin of files.
  • Automatic chat timeline construction for Messages and Skype.
  • Complete a Mac exam in minutes, not weeks.
  • Image mounting supporting popular forensic image formats and Fusion drives.
  • Built-in Live Imaging.
  • Automatic identification of Spoliation artifacts.
  • Create customized reports – PDF, HTML, CSV and XML.
  • Image RAM, capture Volatile Data and more!

Full Forensic Suite with PALADIN

RECON for OS X includes all current versions of PALADIN with Autopsy from Basis Technology allowing you to analyze Mac, Windows and even Android File Systems. Autopsy includes all the features you would expect in addition to ones that do not exist in any other tool.

Intelligent Live Imaging

Quickly identify the areas of data that are relevant to your investigation. RECON can build an artifact specific forensic image of the target Mac.

RAM Imaging and Volatile Data Collection

Recover vital data that other tools miss by capturing data stored on the Mac’s RAM.

Mac Forensics… Simplified

Expert Mac forensics is now as easy as checking a box.

RECON for Mac OS X automatically finds important artifacts, parses the data and presents them to you in a unified format that can be refined to produce the perfect report.

Analyze Time Machine Backups and more!

RECON for Mac OS X collects vital information from live running systems, forensic images and Time Machine backups.

Mac Password Recovery

Quickly and Easily Recover User Passwords.

RECON for Mac OS X

The power of RECON for Mac OS X combined with the power of PALADIN Forensic Suite on a Samsung T3 250GB SSD USB 3.1 external micro drive with 450 MB/s read-write speeds!

Designed for both the novice and advanced forensic examiner and/or investigator. RECON for Mac OS X contains powerful features in a simplistic interface. Advanced output that can produce thousands of customized reports. Simple configuration and fast results.

RECON supports macOS 10.7 and above.

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