We can assist all branches of the military EVEN Space Force (How cool is that!)

We can assist all branches of the military EVEN Space Force (How cool is that?)

At SUMURI Professional Services, we are proud to assist all branches of the military with their digital forensics needs. But what is digital forensics and how does it relate to the military?

Digital forensics is the process of using scientific techniques to identify, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence in a manner that is admissible in a court of law. This evidence can come in many forms, including computer data, mobile devices, and even social media accounts.

Our team offers pre-trial and trial litigation support for military courts, providing crucial evidence and expert testimony to help build strong cases. It is important to use a professional service that specializes in both digital evidence and the military justice system when dealing with legal matters in the military. The military justice system, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), has its own unique procedures and protocols, and it is essential to have experts who are familiar with these processes to ensure that the evidence is collected, analyzed, and presented correctly.

If you’re unfamiliar with military courts, they are specialized courts that deal with legal matters related to the military, including crimes committed by or against military personnel. There are four main types of military courts:

  • Courts-martial: These are military courts that try cases involving military personnel. There are three types of court-martial: summary, special, and general.
  • Court of Criminal Appeals: Each branch of the military has its own court of criminal appeals, which reviews cases appealed from a court-martial.
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces: This is the highest military court and has jurisdiction over all cases decided by the courts of criminal appeals.
  • United States Supreme Court: The Supreme Court has the authority to review cases appealed from the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

SUMURI Professional Services can provide assistance with all six branches of the military. The six branches of the military are:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard
  • Space Force

At SUMURI Professional Services, we have a team of experts who are not only skilled in digital forensics but also have a deep understanding of the military justice system and the UCMJ. We can provide reliable and credible evidence to support your case and help you navigate the complex legal landscape of the military.

Don’t let digital evidence slip through the cracks. Contact SUMURI Professional Services today and let us help you get the expert assistance you need.

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