What it takes to be a SUMURI Professional Services examiner?

Being a SUMURI Professional Services examiner is a demanding and highly skilled role that requires a strong foundation in digital forensics and incident response. The consultant must have a deep understanding of various computer systems, including macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android, as well as expertise in using forensic tools like RECON ITR, RECON Lab, X-ways, Axiom, EnCase, and FTK.

In addition to technical skills, the consultant must have strong investigative skills and the ability to chain together events to provide a clear and well-thought-out work product. They must be able to work independently with minimal guidance and have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as they will be responsible for preparing reports and providing updates to clients.


To be considered for this role, the consultant must have a law enforcement investigative background or a minimum of five years of experience as a corporate or private DFIR examiner. Alternatively, they may have a computer science degree with an emphasis on DFIR and at least two years of relevant experience.

In addition to these requirements, it is preferred that the consultant have experience with programming and scripting languages like Python, Perl, AppleScript, and Apple ShortCuts, as well as experience with SIEM tools and familiarity with database systems like SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access.

Holding certifications such as IACIS CFCE, EnCe, GCFE, GCFA, ACE, or MCFE is also preferred, and the consultant must obtain the SUMURI CFME certification within two months of signing their contract.

As an independent contractor, the consultant will be responsible for providing their own tools and equipment, but SUMURI will supplement as needed. They will be assigned cases based on their location and expertise and will work with the SUMURI engagement manager to manage cases and interact with clients.

In summary, being a SUMURI Professional Services examiner requires a strong foundation in digital forensics, excellent investigative skills, and the ability to work independently with minimal guidance. It is a demanding role that requires a wide range of technical skills and the ability to communicate effectively with clients. Interested?