RECON TRIAGE is now on an Samsung T5 250GB SSD USB 3.1 external micro-drive for fast data transfer using it live in the field!

The 250 GB Samsung T5 can be used to save output and reports from RECON TRIAGE.

RECON TRIAGE creates advanced output and can produce thousands of reports. Simple configuration and fast results. Engineered by SUMURI, a world leader in Macintosh and iOS forensics.


Pre-configured to find evidentiary artifacts quickly on macOS filesystems (10.7 and above).

Rapid release schedule for updates and new module development.

Reporting formats – PDF, HTML, CSV and XML.

Advanced Timeline Analysis.

Track and view a suspect’s location.

Recover user and system passwords.

Identify the origin of files.

Automatic chat timeline construction for iMessages and Skype.

Ability to customize and save templates.

Advanced and in-module File Exporter.

Custom Plugin development available.

Identify and export Virtual Machines.

Image RAM

Volatile Data collection.

*Samsung 250 GB T5 USB drive has a 1 Year Warranty. Technical Support is included as long as the annual renewal is active.