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Celebrating Everyday Heroes: SUMURI Gives Back 2023

As we stand on the brink of the holiday season, it’s time to shine a light on the brave souls in law enforcement with the annual tradition of SUMURI Gives Back. Inspired by Ailyn and my own commitment to these heroes, we’re excited to announce that nominations for the 2023 TALINO Workstation will open on November 22, 2023.

At SUMURI, we don’t just build technology; we build hope, we build efficiency, and most of all, we build a stronger future for those who protect us. SUMURI Gives Back is not merely a charity—it’s our pledge, our unwavering promise to stand beside those who stand on the front lines. It’s a symbol of our dedication, the Whalen family’s dedication, to the men and women who sacrifice so much for our safety.

Every year, the TALINO award is a beacon of innovation, a testament to our commitment to lead the charge in technological advancements. We don’t just keep up; we set the pace. This ensures that our law enforcement agencies are equipped with nothing but the best to enhance their ability to serve and protect.

Our core values—honor, integrity, loyalty, dedication, and the spirit of altruism—are the pillars of SUMURI. They guide us, not just in our business, but in the purposeful impact we aim to make through SUMURI Gives Back. We give back because we genuinely believe in the power of helping others.

What’s truly remarkable about SUMURI Gives Back is its openness, its global embrace. We call upon you to bring forward stories of valor and service from law enforcement agencies across the world. It’s a moment to celebrate these unsung heroes, not only through technology but through the recognition they so richly deserve.

Ailyn Whalen awarding SUMURI Gives Back 2022 TALINO to Bloomsburg Police Department

As we gear up for this year’s nominations, please keep in mind the following criteria for agencies to be eligible for consideration:

  • The window for nominations is from November 22 to December 9, 2023.
  • To nominate an agency, please submit a compelling story (up to 500 words) that illustrates why the agency should be this year’s recipient on our website.
  • Eligible agencies must meet the following criteria:
    – The agency must not have any available funds to purchase a forensic workstation.
    – The agency must have a high caseload and/or backlog related to serious crimes.

After the nomination period, we will meticulously verify each story to ensure it meets the criteria. Once verified, a panel of law enforcement professionals will deliberate to select our top five agencies. These top five agencies will then be contacted, and upon their approval, their stories will be shared on our website for the public to vote on the recipient of this year’s award.

Yours truly,
Steve Whalen, CFCE
Co-Founder, SUMURI

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