Fast, Portable, Reliable Drives Preserve Critical Evidence

Having a lot of issues with other triage tools you were using in the field? Have you experienced failing drives and lost some evidences gathered on the scene? We at SUMURI wants only the best for our customers. We devote time, experience, and technological breakthroughs in developing our line of products. We believe that by perfecting our products Triage Tools we help the Forensic industry make our communities safer.

“We were having a lot of issues with some of the other triage tools we were using in the field. We ended up spending too much time at the crime scene, which began causing other issues .”

-Joe Church, Digital Shield

RECON TRIAGE, an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to capture data from a running Mac computer, uses Samsung T5 portable solid state drives (SSDs). Using the Samsung T5 portable drives with RECON TRIAGE improves investigative professionals’ ability to get to the scene of a cybercrime quickly, gather and secure potential evidence as fast as possible and preserve the chain of custody to pursue leads, recover victims and bring perpetrators to justice.

When it comes to SSD technology, Samsung raised its bar as it provides what our software and hardware needed to run smoothly without fail and effectively. We chose to partner with Samsung and use the T5 SSDs for three primary reasons: speed, reliability and portability. You can read the history of this great partnership in Samsung’s case study here.

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