I can build my workstation for less than what you guys charge!

We often get asked why should someone buy a forensic workstation when they can build one with the same components at a cheaper price. The answer is simple. It’s not the components, the fact that they are designed by forensic practitioners, or even the 3-year warranty that should be the deciding factor. All of those are important but can be worked into any build by competitors or by building the workstation yourself. What we do that others don’t is dissipate heat to increase the speed of processing and extend the life of the components.

This performance boost is achieved in two phases. The Dual-Chamber Chassis and through maximum air circulation and cooling.


Dual-Chamber Chassis

Some companies will “create” a proprietary element to their workstation that does not give you a significant performance boost or benefit. We have designed our proprietary chassis specifically to separate the components most sensitive to heat into separate chambers.

This allows the motherboard, processor, and RAM to be isolated from the heat-generating power supply, drive bays and other peripherals.

Our proprietary dual-chamber chassis increases efficiency, the longevity of the components and minimizes downtime.

The chassis is constructed out of three (3) millimeter rolled aluminum that is Powder-coated.

The aluminum chassis provides an added benefit for cooling by dissipating the heat rather than reflecting it inwards towards sensitive components like most other standard Cases.

The powder coating and the aluminum combine to deliver the most efficient, rugged, and expandable workstation platform that looks as good as it operates.


Maximum Air Circulation and Cooling

Our competitors use two (2) to four (4) fans on average in their off-the-shelf cases.

The TALINO uses a minimum of twelve (12) and as many as eighteen (18) high-quality, low-decibel fans to ensure that both chambers have maximum air circulation.

We also use liquid cooling for both the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and graphics cards. This makes the TALINO ideal for deploying in labs without the need for additional cooling for the lab.

There are many other considerations to look at when deciding whether to build your own forensic rig. Factors like stress testing, configuration, customer service, and warranty should all be considered. However, at the end of the day, the one thing that cannot be duplicated is our proprietary chassis. Reduce your case backlog and get time back for other things by having the fastest, most stable workstation in your lab.

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