RECON LAB – SUMURI’s New Forensic Suite

SUMURI is scheduled to soon release its newest digital forensic suite – RECON Lab!

RECON Lab will be the next evolution to RECON for macOS, RECON for iOS, and RECON for Windows which were previously separate tools.  RECON Lab will combine all of the automated processing of macOS, iOS, and Windows into one forensic tool.

In addition to the automated processing, it allows the user to dive deeper into the file system hierarchy at any level.  To assist the examiner, files, and data are automatically sorted according to file extensions, file signatures, and file sizes. Unique to RECON Lab is the ability to process and interpret file metadata, including Apple Extended metadata, in a way that allows you to see evidence missed by other forensic tools.  RECON Lab will also allow the user to create thousands of filter and sort combinations.

  • Simplifies RAM processing with a GUI-based RAM analysis and can assist in recovering Apple user login passwords.
  • Also includes an industry-first Advance Reporting Interface that allows the user to modify a report on the fly at any level.
  • Designed to utilize the power of a Mac in order to process and interpret data not possible with other forensic tools.
  • Will be available early third quarter of 2018.

Keeping with SUMURI reputation, generous upgrade options will be available for any current RECON user. For additional information please follow us on social media to contact us at any time!

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