SUMURI Gives Back: Our Mission of Helping Others Continues

SUMURI was founded on the principle of helping others. After finishing his career in active law enforcement, co-founder Steve Whalen wanted to do more to help end the sexual exploitation of children and to protect lives. His wife, co-founder Ailyn Whalen, comes from a culture where helping others is second nature.

    • SUMURI first gave back to the forensic community by developing and providing PALADIN, a complete forensic available for free for non-profit forensic needs.
    • SUMURI continuously gives back by assisting forensic examiners from the law enforcement community with thousands of cases at no charge and still does so.
    • SUMURI has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of its paid software (RECON and CARBON) over the years to any agency in need that does not have a budget for forensic software.

Our yearly SUMURI Gives Back campaign continues our mission of helping others by providing a TALINO Forensic Workstation to a Law Enforcement agency in need with a high caseload of serious crimes and lacks the funds to purchase a forensic workstation.

To make this campaign a success, we will need your help to identify a Law Enforcement Agency in need and nominate them for our SUMURI Gives Back campaign.

Nominations will start soon. Make sure to follow us on our social media to stay updated.