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Everyone that is part of the SUMURI Team is a hero.  There is no other way to say it but we have directly stopped mass casualties and death from those involved in terrorist acts.  We have brought murderers to justice.  We have stopped the sexual exploitation of children.

To be a part of the SUMURI Team is to be a part of the greater good.  To truly protect and make the world a better place and know that you made a difference.

We are always looking for more heroes.

Current Openings

Software Sales and Support Specialists

SUMURI LLC is looking to expand our company by hiring a Software Sales and Support Specialists to the team.

This position includes the following tasks and\or work description (but not limited to):

  • Software Peer Review – Identify the need for new features or design
  • Quality And Assurance testing for Beta Software – test and refine new features or team for new features or design.
  • Software Liaison – Serve as liaison between software customers and development team for new features or design
  • Software Tech Support – Monitoring and answering software related tech support questions on our Community Support Forums and forensic list serves
  • Software Demos – Provide demonstrations of our software as needed.
  • Pre and Post-Sales Follow Up- Answer any and all questions that a customer may have.
  • Software Instructor – Provide product specific training.
  • Software Documentation Development and Upkeep – Help keep software manuals and documents up-to-date.
  • Conference Staff – Assist at conferences as needed

All applicants must have advanced knowledgement of Mac and Windows forensic artifacts.

Please send all resumes to

Course Instructors

SUMURI wants the best and most talented instructors. Experience is great but we are more focused on the quality of our team members. We want those who can hold the attention of a class in an enjoyable and fun way in addition to conveying the information. We are looking for those who can bring our students together to work as a team so their experience becomes part of the class. We are also looking for those who will do whatever it takes before, during or after work hours to make sure the students leave with the knowledge and understanding that brought them to our course. A love for worldwide travel doesn’t hurt either!

Course Developers

SUMURI is looking for those who have the ability to convey complicated information in a way that can be easily understood. We are looking for those who can think “outside of the box” when developing training material.

Forensic Examiners

SUMURI is looking for those with expertise in computer forensics, eDiscovery and digital evidence for providing consultation to our clients on a full or part-time basis for a variety of services.

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