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SUMURI is always looking for those with the willingness to help others and who have a natural ability to explain complicated information in an easy to understand way. If money is the first priority on your list when applying for a new job please look somewhere else. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to work for free. We are simply searching for those with “old-school” values. We are looking for those who are confident, take pride in what they do and put others before themselves. Our clients and the services we provide to them always come first.

Current Openings

Course Instructors

SUMURI wants the best and most talented instructors. Experience is great but we are more focused on the quality of our team members. We want those who can hold the attention of a class in an enjoyable and fun way in addition to conveying the information. We are looking for those who can bring our students together to work as a team so their experience becomes part of the class. We are also looking for those who will do whatever it takes before, during or after work hours to make sure the students leave with the knowledge and understanding that brought them to our course. A love for worldwide travel doesn’t hurt either!

Course Developers

SUMURI is looking for those who have the ability to convey complicated information in a way that can be easily understood. We are looking for those who can think “outside of the box” when developing training material.

Forensic Examiners

SUMURI is looking for those with expertise in computer forensics, eDiscovery and digital evidence for providing consultation to our clients on a full or part-time basis for a variety of services.

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