Solutions to Software Update Error Message in RECON IMAGER

The error message “A software update is required to use this startup disk” could appear when using RECON IMAGER to boot a Macintosh computer with a T2 Security Chip. Apple has a support page regarding this error message explaining that it is most likely caused by the default Full Security option in Secure Boot. Before [...]

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TALINO Workstation in the news

SUMURI is giving a new leap to digital forensics. Authorities now gained a deeper understanding of crimes and how it occurs. “Technology is the future. This is where you see a lot of criminal activity occur, which is in the technology realm. So, it puts ahead of the curve as far as investigations go," said [...]

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How to Check if Your Mac has a T2 Security Chip

It is important to check if your device has a T2 Chipset as newer Macs have implemented them to add extra layers of security. You will take different steps to process depending on whether a Mac has a T2 Security Chip or not. RECON ITR images all Intel-based Macs including the newest generation of Macs [...]

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How to Change Mac’s Startup Security Settings to Allow Booting with RECON IMAGER

Newer Macs have been shipping with proprietary T2 Security Chipsets which add extra layers of security. One of these new security features prevents booting from external media. This “Secure Boot” is enabled by default and can only be turned off in Recovery Mode with an admin password. If you are not sure how to disable [...]

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